Haighs Bakes

Today we sell to over 350 wholesale bakery customers throughout Yorkshire, serviced by our own delivery vans, operating five days a week.
Below you will find a selection of our products.
The Art of Bakery!

Real Bread

For over 40 years we have used a 16-hour fermented sourdough as a ‘percentage addition’ to our basic dough recipes resulting in excellent flavour and enhanced shelf life.


Sandwich bread

Available in white, brown & malted wheat.
Sliced or unsliced.

Traditional loaves

Available in white, brown and malted wheat, sliced or unsliced, 800g or 400g. We have Tin Loaves, Bloomers, Coburg’s and Softies, with a selection of sourdough breads.

about haighs bread range
Haighs Bakery Bread Rolls


A wide range of rolls in different sizes, shapes and flavours. From soup rolls to big cobbles, hotdog rolls to burger rolls and brioche to bagels we are sure to have something to suit your business needs.

Handmade with love


Our confectionery, cakes, buns, biscuits, cookies, traybakes, morning goods, pies and quiches are handmade using the finest ingredients.


Bars & traybakes

Caramel shortbread, jammy Bakewells, flapjacks and brownies are all available as an individual wrapped bar or as a larger foil traybake marked in 10 portions.

Buns & loaf cakes

A selection of buns and Loaf cakes from traditional butterfly buns and sticky parkin to luxury Belgian triple chocolate, lemon drizzle or chocolate orange – we cater for all sweet tooths!


Biscuits & cookies

Gingerbread, Chocolate chip and oat – great for schools, with our range of seasonal goodies for special times of the year.

Pasties & quiches

Individual pasties and quiches packed with flavoursome ingredients such as spinach and feta cheese or mixed peppers.


Sweet pies

Traditional Apple Pies and Egg Custards.

Morning goods

Fruit Scones, Pain Au Chocolat and croissants.


Fresh creams

Victoria Sponge Cakes, Eclairs, Scones, Apple turnovers and Vanilla Custard Slices.

Home baking

Haighs Bakery Boxes

Whether you just need bread and rolls or are feeding a family (including a few people with a sweet tooth), you’ll find the box for you. What’s more, we have a Baking Box for those who love to bake at home, with pre-measured ingredients and recipe suggestions..

Brown Bread Box
Mixed Bread Box
Bake Box 5
Treats Box
Sourdough Bread Box
White Bread Box
Easter Bake Box
Halloween Bake Box
Christmas Bake Box
Plenty For Everybody Box
Now Available Online


Our ready-made boxes, bakery boxes and seasonal bake boxes are now available to the general public through our online retail store.

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Monday to Friday

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